Kat Mereand

Kat Mereand is a noted nature artist and North Country farmer, and maintains her gallery at her farmstead on Old Rome Road, Watertown NY. Kat is former gallery manager of Arts on the Square in Watertown, NY.

Artist Statement: "I am an artist, naturalist, gardener, and photographer. For 50 years I have lived on a farm on the eastern tip of Lake Ontario. The birds are beautiful, and the wildlife is abundant. I love to focus on the details of nature. I paint in watercolor, acrylics, and oil, and use my photography as a basis for my artworks. I often tackle a sublect using ink and charcoal mediums. After retirement, I have been able to travel to places such as Korea, the North Pacific, New Orleans, mountains, oceans, and rivers. The different climates and cultures encountered have fueled my creativity. The last couple of years I have begun to stretch my imagination by painting things I cannot photograph, because although they are inspired by nature, they live in my mind. I blend nature and fantasy in my artworks. "